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We Offer Customised Debt Management Solutions

We assist you with long-term bank debt management. We offer a range of services allowing you to have the flexibility to choose our services according to your individual/family/enterprise needs.

What We Cover


Sedimi's Debt Consolidation simplify your finances by consildating high-interest debt with one cheaper loan from one of the top banks. The outcome is you pay less monthly or get an additional for the same monthly commitment.


Our consultant will assist you to generate your personal credit report. From there, guidance is provided to optimise your personal credit rating and rating scores, ultimately improving your financial health.

Bank Loan

According to your financial situation, our financial consultants will analyse the right type of loans and loan privileges of various banks. After evaluation from both short and long term, the most optimal loan scheme will be suggested to you.

Mortgage Loans
& Refinance

You always have better alternatives to a loan, such as lower interest rates or shorter payback periods. SEDIMI has a ready proven plan to help you save on mortgage interest. You only need to follow the plan to save up to 50% interest and, at the same time, shorten the payback period.


We will provide you with sound professional advice and assistance with regards to your bank loans, and do a good job of bank loan account management and all the necessary preparations, such as tax returns and other required documents. Adequate documentation and compliance with bank approval criteria greatly increases the chance of securing a loan.

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